Small Businesses: you need an Insurance Broker

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Any small business owner will tell you how tough small business is. Running a small business is all consuming, time-demanding, and at times, financially challenging. Small business owners tend to be born optimists and may not fully grasp what can go wrong in their business. This is why it pays to have an Omnisure insurance broker in your corner to protect what you’ve worked so hard for.

Here are a few key reasons why using an Omnisure broker is better than going it alone…

1. Save yourself time

Finding the best deal, and working through the fine print of long complicated documents is extremely time consuming. Anyone who has compared car, home or health insurance policies will tell you that. Well, choosing a business insurance package is even more complex because of the range of risks requiring cover. Let’s be honest, as a small business owner, your time is valuable and you could be doing better things than sifting through all of this information yourself.

A broker will not only save you time sourcing the right policy, they can also save you time and money if you need to make a claim.

2. Utilise your broker’s experience

Small business owners are great at what they do, whether it’s running a busy restaurant or a specialised consultancy firm. But they are rarely insurance experts. “What they may not understand is the broad range of risks they face,” says Dallas Booth, chief executive of the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA).

An Omnisure broker will help identify the risks your business faces, will advise you on creative ways for you to consider to reduce those risks, and then get the insurance package that matches those risks. “There’s no point buying a business package off the shelf if it only covers some of your risks,” says Booth.

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3. Access to better deals and cover

Buying the wrong insurance cover cheaply can end up being very expensive should you need to make a claim, whereas paying a bit more for the right cover can save you money in the long run. At Omnisure, we always do our best to negotiate a better deal in terms of both price and coverage.

“A broker will find the business package that covers their client’s risks at the best value for money,” says Booth.

Your Omnisure broker will also keep your business up-to-date when new policies become available and advises you when your assets need upgrading.

4. Back-up when you need it

Your Omnisure insurance broker works for you, not the insurer. Therefore we prove invaluable in the event that a claim needs to be made, by coordinating the claims process and fighting to ensure your claim is paid fairly and quickly. “If you have to make a claim, it’s good to have someone on your side,” says Booth.

Also, behind every Omnisure insurance broker is the power of the Steadfast Group. This means that if an insurer turns down the initial claim we can refer the case onto the Steadfast Group who can go in and provide additional strength to fight for you.

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