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  • Omnisure are insurance professionals with excellent product knowledge. They are invaluable to me both in helping to secure appropriate cover for the business and, importantly, in managing the claims process for several large claims. Omnisure directly saved us money on premiums and also maximised the claims received.

    Aaron Turnbull - Analytics Manager, Electronic Arts (EA)

  • Omnisure are amazing when it comes to business insurance. Before meeting the Omnisure team I was using what I had seen on TV as I thought there was no other option. After sitting down with an Omnisure broker and going through our business’ insurances I saw that the policies I had were not worth the paper they were written on and if something had of occurred we would have been in a lot of trouble.

    Michael Griffiths - Founder, Referral Marketing Guru

  • Omnisure walked me through the insurance process step by step ensuring that I understood what was being covered and why. They provided sensible solutions and always had me and my business as the main concern. I certainly feel far more secure and can sleep well at night knowing that we are in good hands.

    Michael Griffiths - Founder, Referral Marketing Guru

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