Machinery / Electronic Breakdown Insurance

Protect against loss or damage following a breakdown.

Machinery / Electronic Breakdown Insurance

If your business owns or rents machinery, electrical or electronic equipment, at some point a breakdown of this important equipment is highly likely. This event is stressful enough for the smooth running of your work day, but it can also impact:

  • your stock – for example stock in cold storage,
  • your potential earnings until the equipment is fixed,
  • your reputation – for example a cafe that is unable to sell coffee for a day or two,
  • your data – if unsaved it may be lost.

Machinery/electronic breakdown insurance covers repairs to your machinery or electronic equipment following a breakdown where there is physical damage. When you use an omnisure broker, you can trust that in the event something does go wrong, we will organise the repair of your valuable equipment to get your business back on its feet quick.

Who needs it

  • business owners who own machinery, electronic or electronic equipment,
  • business owners who rent machinery, electronic or electronic equipment.

Covers that are typically included

  • Cost of temporarily hiring equipment while repairs are underway,
  • Covers repairs to your machinery or electronic equipment following a breakdown,
  • Business interruption,
  • Increased cost of working,
  • Deterioration of perishable goods,
  • Expediting cost.
  • The level of advice, service professionalism and the personal attention we receive is exemplary.  With major storm damage in June last year Omnisure handled our claim promptly and fairly and has always worked hard and been able to achieve outstanding results and given us the help we needed.  
    Thank you for taking care of us for our Insurance needs. 

    Rob Gibellini - Honorary Treasurer, Coogee Surf Life Saving Club

  • Omnisure have always worked closely with us to make sure we had the best coverage at the best price, protecting the Surf Club, our Business and our Assets. They show amazing client commitment and are always willing to assist and advise on our operation for our business insurance and marine hull insurance.

    Karen Beale - Administration Manager, Coogee Surf Life Saving Club

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