Trade Credit Insurance

Protect your cash flow against bad debt.

Trade Credit Insurance

For any business that relies on customers meeting their payments, trade credit insurance is for you. It protects your business’ cash flow against losses caused by your customers’ insolvency or default on payment. Offering goods and services to customers can leave you in a vulnerable position if one or more of them don’t pay. Although you may be able to manage the occasional small bad debt, large unexpected losses can be devastating to your business. Therefore protecting the life blood of your business (your cash flow) is an important part of managing your business’ risks and ensuring it thrives.

Protecting your cash flow can also positively impact your business in many other ways, including:

  • reducing the time and cost of finance by enhancing your balance sheet,
  • increasing your sales and profitability,
  • improving your credit control and management procedures.

Who needs it

  • business owners who rely on customers meeting their payments,
  • subcontractors who rely on clients meeting their payments.

Covers that are typically included

  • Protracted Default
  • Non Payment
  • Insolvency/Administration
  •  Our business is continuously changing and evolving, at the same time the threats to our business are changing and evolving also.  It is for this reason that we are grateful to the team at Omnisure who work tirelessly to ensure we are protected, for whatever may come our way. 

    Darryl Forbes - CFO, BevWizz

  • By using an insurance broker who completely understands our business and is passionate about our future success, we can rest assured knowing they have our best interests in mind and are proactively doing whatever they can to minimise our costs and our risks.

    Darryl Forbes - CFO, BevWizz

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